I sent a letter with @RepBuddyCarter, along with 98 of our colleagues, to @DoD_DHA's Seileen Mullen expressing our concerns about upcoming changes to the TRICARE retail pharmacy network.

Patient access to local pharmacies should never be an issue.

Arkansas is praying for Florida and all in the path of Hurricane Ian.

Arkansas stands ready to aid the people of Florida and any other state in the path of Hurricane Ian. I have directed our Division of Emergency Management to provide assistance as needed. Our hearts and prayers are with those in its path.

This is now a mainstream position among Democratic politicians.

If you think it's crazy, vote Republican this fall.

Planned Parenthood’s “Director for Primary and Trans Care” Dr. Bhavik Kumar:

“Men can have pregnancies, especially trans men.”

Record crime, gas prices, illegal immigrants at the border, and inflation.

This isn't an accident. These outcomes are by design.

We're so grateful for everything VFW does to serve and support those who have been part of our country's Armed Forces. They play a vital role in advocating for these heroes. Thank you and congratulations on 123 years #StillServing

Happy #VFWDay 🇺🇸

Since its inception on this day back in 1899, the VFW has remained committed to veterans, service members and their families. No one does more #FORVETERANS, and we look forward to another 123 years of continued service. #VFWDay #StillServing


Proud to be part of a bipartisan, bicameral effort to safeguard #veterans from becoming victims of entities aiming to make a profit off their service when filing disability claims.

The Veterans Claims Education Act fights back against predatory behavior.