Rarely do we have a crisis where the answer is staring us in the face, but that's exactly what we're seeing when it comes to higher gas and diesel prices: President Biden must stop fighting against U.S. energy production.

Increase the supply and bring costs down.

Arkansans know I will always defend our 2nd Amendment rights!

The NRA knows, too. Honored to have their endorsement for reelection! #AR02 #arpx

Early detection and treatment are key in the fight against breast cancer. The VA must update its policies so vulnerable #veterans can receive mammograms regardless of age, symptoms or family history.

I'm pleased we are one signature away from making that happen.

Veterans to Get Improved Access to Mammograms Through Bills Headed to Biden's Desk https://bit.ly/3sKYTIE

The PRICED Act is critical in making prescription drugs more affordable.

I'm grateful to join Rep. Schakowsky's work on this issue – we’re proof that health care solutions can and should be bipartisan.

Today I reintroduced the #PRICEDAct with my colleague @RepWesterman to rein in Big Pharma and help lower the costs of certain prescription drugs. #FairDrugPricing https://schakowsky.house.gov/media/press-releases/bipartisan-prescription-drug-pricing-bill-reintroduced-house

The national average for gas prices has hit record highs 10 days in a row. It’s past time for Joe Biden to unleash American energy and stop prioritizing the green new deal over the American people.

My full statement on the most recent Ukraine supplemental aid package: